Information on the exhibition

A broad variety of „finest mechanics made in Freiberg“ will be on display at the exhibition, such as mine surveying hanging compasses, equipment for precise hydrostatic levelling, optical levels, theodolites, sextants, celestial globes and X-ray analysis equipment.

Precise mechanical and optical instruments as well as precision parts and assemblies are still manufactured and sold worldwide by todays company FPM Holding GmbH (Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik). The supply of customers in the maritime industry, surveying, civil engineering and high tech industry is

The local mining activities in the past which required the development of special mining equipment, and the city’s Technical University (Bergakademie) are the main reason for the long tradition in the manufacture of precision parts and precise mechanical instruments in Freiberg. The celebration of its 250th anniversary is the best occasion for the company FPM Holding GmbH (Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik) to cooperate with the Municipal and Mining Museum to show a wide range of „finest mechanics made in Freiberg“.

One intention of the exhibition amongst others is to arouse interest and enthusiasm of younger people in technology and engineering.

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16 + 17 March 2022 | W3 Wetzlar
16 + 17 March 2022 | W3 Wetzlar